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Correct, which said there had been -- after this dinner, this innocent dinner I'd had with this German girl -- not this one but the one pictured on the page before. I'd had a completely innocent dinner, dropped her off in a taxi, and because the paparazzi had got a rather boring shot of a man getting into a taxi with a girl, woman, either he or his agency or Bild invented passionate kissing in the taxi, because there emphatically was none. And yes, I do know I'm under oath here. This is tittle-tattle. I only went on about it in my supplementary statement because it was a particular stick used to beat me round the head with during the birth of my daughter, and, some people think, because I'm here giving evidence to the Leveson Inquiry. So they look for any stick they can find and -- oh yeah, much too young girlfriend, even though she doesn't exist, and even though she had twice denied that she was my girlfriend. It wasn't just in the Sun. It was in many, many papers.

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