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There it is. That day and previous days, these were the headlines that appeared in popular newspapers: "Stephen killed by 8-hour binge", "My hot romp with Stephen and his hubby", "I did have sex with Stephen on night he died", "Cops: Stephen had smoked cannabis".

I would suggest that on page 37 of the Daily Mail was not the same tone as that kind of material and other people had said far more offensive things, and the timing, again, was inappropriate.

You keep using the phrase "a lot of people" complained about this. You realise that these are all online complaints and this is an example of how tweetering can create a firestorm within hours. A well-known celebrity, who admitted he hadn't read the article, said it was unpleasant. It was then tweeted to other people who retweeted and we had a viral storm. Most of those people conceded they hadn't read the piece. That's where the 25,000 complaints came from to the PCC.

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