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Yes, I'm very happy to tell you the circumstances. I think you'll find about a year or so earlier, I, Mr MacLennan and Mr Hinton, the senior members of the newspaper industry, had become increasingly concerned about potential threats to press freedom, and had asked for a meeting with the then Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. We outlined what our worries were. There were threats to the coroner's reports -- reporting of coroner's courts, there were threats to freedom of information, this he were going to charge for it. We were deeply worried, for reasons you well know, about CFAs and we were very worried about the proposal to amend the Data Protection Act so that journalists should be jailed, which we felt would provide a huge chilling effect on journalism and would mean that Britain is the only country in the world which would jail journalists.

He was sympathetic to that, said he would arrange a meeting for us with Jack Straw and that was the context of that.

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