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Those concerns you're referring to there are concerns with conditional fee agreements but we're off that issue, we're onto Section 55. Then you say:

"[We also raised] a truly frightening amendment to the Data Protection Act, winding its way through Parliament, under which journalists face being jailed for two years [et cetera]. This legislation would have made Britain the only country in the free world to jail journalists and could have had a considerable chilling effect on good journalism.

"The Prime Minister -- I don't think it's breaking confidence to reveal -- was hugely sympathetic to the industry's case and promised to do what he could to help.

"Over the coming months and battles ahead, Mr Brown was totally true to his word. Whatever our individual newspapers' views are of the Prime Minister -- and the Mail is pretty tough on him -- we should, as an industry, acknowledge that, to date, he has been a great friend of press freedom."

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