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The Leveson Inquiry is a high profile public inquiry held in Britain. It was initiated in response to the News International phone hacking scandal – a scandal in which it emerged that newspapers had been illegally listening into the voicemail of a great many people, ranging from celebrities to the victims of crime. It was this last group, victims of serious crimes and their families, that provoked a level of public outrage strong enough to lead to the commissioning of the Leveson Inquiry, by the Government.

The Inquiry itself received substantial media coverage. This coverage was driven by two reasons – first the presence of many high profile celebrities, giving testimony in public (JK Rowling and Hugh Grant were just two of the big names present). The second reason was that news media companies were (and remain) afraid that the Leveson Inquiry would lead to changes in the law that would be unfavourable to them and (as they argued) to the public good.

We have taken all of the official transcripts and have published them on SayIt. This means you can search through all the speeches, or visit a speaker page and browse or search through just their speeches. And in the list below, you can access any day of testimony.