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  • Mr Jay, you will be aware that on 6 May there was published an article in the Independent on Sunday which caused concern that there had been a leak of a statement made by Mr Andy Coulson to the Inquiry, which had been published on the Lextranet system.

    I investigated that leak during the course of last week, and it was indeed confirmed by Mr Mullin, the editor, that he had been provided with sight of the statement, although he said that his story had been independently researched and verified before his sight of that statement.

    I have considered the circumstances and published today a detailed ruling on the website -- or will publish today a detailed ruling on the website -- in relation to this incident. I do not intend to take any action under section 36 of the 2005 Act in relation to this matter but the ruling contains very detailed consideration of the circumstances, and I strongly advise anyone who publishes material likely to emanate from our Lextranet system to read that judgment with care, whether they be a core participant or not.

    Thank you. Yes, Mr Rhodri Davies?