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  • The message on Mr Sherborne's screen has been investigated. It was no more than the operation of anti-virus software that is a consequence of using a system that allows access to the Internet and permits use of removable media devices such as USB sticks. It does not mean that the Inquiry systems were accessed unlawfully but rather demonstrated the system was working as it should, and might mean no more than the presence of a corrupt file on the local machine.

    I'm very keen to make it clear that the only documents which will be on the system which can be accessed in court are those that are or will shortly become publicly available. Material that is confidential to the Inquiry is not held on the hearing room system but is only available through the government's secure intranet.

    I am grateful to Mr Sherborne for bringing this matter to my attention. The systems will be routinely scanned for potential threats, but in the meantime, if there are any concerns in the future, they should be brought to the attention of a member of the Inquiry team, who will immediately initiate appropriate investigations.

    Right. Mr Davies.