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  • A decision in relation to the consideration of the evidence of Mr Tickner will be published online today.

    I would like to invite applications for core participant status for module 3 before close of play on Friday, 30 March. In the same context, I draw to the attention of those who are presently core participants for all modules that they are perfectly entitled to consider whether they wish to retain their core participant status for module 3 in the light of events as the Inquiry has proceeded. Any such application to withdraw from that status I'd also be grateful to receive within the same timeframe.

    I intend to give directions, having received submissions in relation to module 3, at or immediately after 2 pm on 3 April. I say "immediately after"; it depends upon when we've concluded the evidence for that day. At the same time, I will also provide a timetable for closing submissions for all modules.

    Thank you.

  • The first witness today is Mr Ash, please.

  • Mr Simon Ash (186)