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  • Sir, I mentioned yesterday module one statements which were to be read into the record. You've seen now a list of about 30 statements and submissions. It's not necessary, I think, for me to read them all out, unless you would wish me to.

  • But these will be placed on the website as soon as possible.

  • Yes. It is important to understand that if one had limitless time, there are a large number of people who do have a contribution to make to the work of this Inquiry, and one could indulge oneself with the luxury of time and let everybody come to the Inquiry to give evidence. However, in order to keep the time constraints within reasonable bounds, it's been inevitably necessary to make some quite important and sometimes difficult decisions as to who should be allowed to come to court or requested to come to the Inquiry and whose evidence should simply be accepted, in the sense that the statements are included within the Inquiry record.

    Nobody who is not asked to come should feel that their contribution is any less significant. All are real contributions, and I'm grateful to everyone for making them, but a balance has to be struck between the time taken and the ability to investigate every turn.

  • Yes.

    Sir, the first witness today is Mr Simon Hughes, please.