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  • Yes, well there are some things that I think we could probably deal with over the next few minutes. I'll want to say something after Mr Dacre has finished, but not beforehand, although in the meantime I think there are a number of further statements and submissions that are to be taken as included within the records. Is that right, Mr Jay?

  • Yes. A list of further statements will be put on the website as soon as possible. These are statements which have been circulated to the core participants. There will be additional further statements, which will be taken as read at a slightly later stage, probably at the end of this month.

  • Right. In that regard, I acknowledge that I've received from Mr Mosley the product of the work that he offered to undertake in relation to regulation, and it seems to me these are entirely his ideas, they're not factual evidence, they're suggestions, and that the proper course is to take that step with him as well.

    But I am sure that as we go through the remaining material, it's right that we decide what should go on the web to make sure we have everything that we need.

  • In that regard, there are some other matters that everybody has to deal with, as we come to the end of module one. They include submissions on credibility, submissions on the law and submissions on the matters which I raised on 16 November.

    In relation to credibility, I don't know whether the team has received any submissions. I'm sure I haven't seen any. Similarly in relation to the other matters.

    I understand that everybody's been working very hard and I'm not in any sense being critical. It seems sensible to extend the time for all these submissions to 24 February, although I'm still conscious that I haven't received the opening submissions that Mr Sherborne promised me I think well in advance of the end of November. I'm not suggesting he's not been working either, but the latitude that I've extended to him goes further than I would naturally have wished, but there it is.

    Does anybody have any difficulty with that as a general proposition?

  • No, sir, that's very helpful. Our submissions are in hand but we were having some difficulty meeting today.

  • I understand that, and indeed given that we've had some evidence today, it would have been impossible. That's why I think it's sensible for you to take the time to get them right.

  • Thank you very much.

  • As you want to pursue them.

    Mr Sherborne, I hesitate to ask you.

  • Sir, probably the less said the better on my part, but I did explain to Mr Jay earlier that I would provide them during the short break that we've been afforded between module one and module two.

  • Thank you very much. Mr Caplan, is that all right for you?

  • I hope and believe it will be.

  • I'm very grateful.

    The reason for doing it is this, and let me make it abundantly clear. Because of the way this module is cast, I do not believe that I am going to be deciding very much about specific issues of credibility. There will be some, I apprehend, but therefore I'm very keen to receive people's submissions, because if I have to comply with the requirements of Rule 13 of the Inquiry Rules, then I want to be able to do so while the Inquiry was proceeding, in order to ensure that it didn't hold up the ultimate publication of a report at the end of the Inquiry. I'm sure that everybody will understand what I mean by that.

    Mr Dingemans, you're probably conscious of the points that I've been making and I hope that's all right for you.

  • Yes, and we propose to put in short submissions on credibility, law and one other matter.

  • Thank you very much indeed. Some of it, Ms Michalos, won't trouble the Metropolitan Police, but to such extent as they do, I'd be interested to hear what you have to say.

  • Thank you very much. Similar for the National Union of Journalists?

  • We're on course to meet our deadline.

  • Thank you very much indeed. I hope I've not missed anybody out.

    I will rise and allow everybody to get ready for a comparatively brief final section of evidence. Thank you.

  • (A short break)

  • Thank you very much indeed, Mr Dacre. I'm sorry you've been inconvenienced, but I'm sure you understand why. Thank you.