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He was operating in 1990s, I think up until about the end of 1999, I think, that he eventually was dismissed and he did go to a tribunal and lost, actually. He was dismissed, he claims, for, he felt, obeying orders, producing a picture of the Beast of Bodmin when there wasn't a beast and he simply took a picture of a puma in Ilfracombe zoo and took the bars out of the shot and submitted it, and the News of the World, then edited by Rebekah Wade, I think -- or she might have been deputy at the time; she was deputy at the time, but on her own -- was very keen to have it, and then of course he had to own up. He had to say, "Look, of course it's not a genuine shot", and as a result of that, they took proceedings against him, all of which are detailed in his own book and a matter of public record.

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