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That was simply a case of people at the paper, probably Thurlbeck himself mostly, identifying that here was a possibility to go down and write a piece about unusual activities or comparatively unusual activities down in the Dorset countryside, and presumably -- he didn't have photographs -- he didn't have a photographer with him, so presumably he was just going to come back and write the story up and did come back and write the story up with photographs of the house and explain what he'd been offered when he got there and what he'd done, although subsequently he didn't in fact tell the whole story, as subsequent events showed.

But it was a very run-of-the-mill smut story, as far as they were concerned. It was something that would probably end up on page 20 or 30, not a big story, but another story of sexual misbehaviour in a slightly unlikely spot, which is the kind of story they like very much. They're very keen on sort of rural smut, for some reason.

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