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Quite. I think basically it was just embellished and added to in a way to make the story a bit stronger than it already was, which again has turned out to be, as I've found, fairly standard practice. You put in anything extra that you think is going to make the thing look ripe that you don't think is going to get you into trouble.

Certainly, there's -- one statement which said "Bob hid in a cupboard while Sue romped with guests" was complete nonsense. He didn't hide in a cupboard at all. They told me it was a complete fiction by Thurlbeck and most of what he said -- most of what he listed weren't things that were going on at all. And, of course, at the end he said that he declined the offer of any further services, which turned out not, in fact, to be the case.

So according to the Firths -- and my inclination was to believe them because my reading of them was that they were quite happy to say that they were running a nudist B&B and that people would wander around in the nude, and if they wanted to engage in sexual shenanigans with one another, that was fun, but the idea that there were sort of organised services being offered was Thurlbeck's fabrication.

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