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The idea, which is a little bit of a myth, that you have to have vast sums of money in order to have a lawyer look after your privacy is one of the arguments that was happening in May, where it was: "This is just a rich man's law." You can get a CFA as a claimant and -- on a no win, no fee. Not only that; the fact is that the fodder of tabloid newspapers -- so the front cover, the big sex scandals -- tend to involve not the ordinary person. I'm sure you've heard this argument before. They're far more interested in -- and understandably -- interested, in terms of sales, in who a footballer might or might not be having a relationship with than who, I don't know, my postman might be having a relationship with. And so to an extent it self-corrects, and that's why CFAs are important as well, for both claimants and defendants, and I have worked on both sides of injunctions, for claimants and on behalf of newspapers.

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