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You couldn't have put it better. That's what I say -- as my students leave to go into the world, I basically say at the moment everything's really difficult and really hard and jobs are scarce, but you are going to be the journalists of tomorrow, and what we've taught you will stand you in good stead for the future, not the past.

That was the other problem I always had with the NCTJ, that they were teaching too old regulations. We started with a multi-platform postgraduate course in the mid-1990s. The NCTJ didn't have a course that would have fitted that. We would have had to drop most of it. But we are Periodicals Training Council accredited because they have a completely different approach. They come along and say, "Let's see what you're doing and whether it's good enough for us", and that's a much better way of accrediting courses because it allows many flowers to bloom. It means that we can all be different. The fact that we do have somebody coming along and saying, "You're different and we like it", rather than, "You're different and you're not doing what we tell you to do".

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