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I teach one of the ethics lectures, or a couple of ethics lectures, and one of the thing I think we're up against all the time is that we are teaching students to be ethical and knowing that they're going into an industry where they're going to be under constant pressure, and we have to make them aware of that as well.

So we do show, or I do show examples of newspapers that have either sailed very close to the wind in terms of the PCC regulations or indeed have completely ridden right over the top, and we talk about why this happens and we talk about it in the context of the kind of extraordinary competitive pressures that the newspapers are under and what happens to young journalists when they go into the system.

I feel you can't really teach ethics without teaching people about the commercial realities of journalism in this country, and I think that -- I'm sure we would all agree that actually young people come into journalism through training as very ethical young people. I think that's how they come to us and I think that's -- certainly as far as I'm concerned, that's how they leave us.

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