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I'm very conscious of that problem, but let me just move it on a bit because, as you know, the Inquiry has been criticised for not having expertise from the very, very bulk market end of the business, and we're talking about ethics and the proper approach to journalism, which is obviously very important, but I am very keen to know to what extent there is an ability to help those who might want to work in the mass market newspapers, and we all know that we can talk about the Telegraph or the Guardian or these papers, and then the Mail or the Sun will say, "Actually, we sell many, many more copies", where the pressures are very different, as you've said, and how one gets to people who get into that business, or whether actually they're just a by-product of a different system. So actually you have two parallel routes into journalism, one through the universities and these very focused courses which I've seen about, and another through the gossip columnists and that side of an industry which nobody can pretend isn't important and doesn't sell newspapers.

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