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I think from our point of view, we -- I mean, you simply try to straddle the -- if you can straddle a spectrum, you try to prepare students for any sort of journalism, in our case mostly written journalism, that they are likely to encounter and likely to need in the job market. Students will be drawn by their own tastes in various directions and they have teachers of a variety of experiences, as George has indicated, who bring, you know, practical knowledge of all of these markets.

And I think the -- you know, our student -- our campus newspaper, which the students produce in their final year, our award-winning campus newspaper is -- it's newsy, it's tabloidy, so that the actual experience the students have in their final year of producing a newspaper which will be read by their peer group and indeed outside the university and, alas, by the university management, which is never very comfortable with it, is their experience is wide tabloidy. It's quite newsy and punchy. They're trying to attract the attention of their peer group.

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