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If you've ever tried to explain some kind of complex financial problem or around pensions reform, for example, in 500 words in a kind of tabloid editorial, you'll know how difficult that is. It is a real skill. And someone who can manage that, either can learn it or just understands the nature of that skill, that's a very, very valuable thing to be able to do.

And there are tabloid skills in terms of taking a story and looking at angles, human interest angles of it, whereas where broadsheets might look at the social policy implications, the economic implications, the policy context, et cetera, if you're looking for a really kind of clear human interest angle on a breaking story, the tabloids can often be the best way to get a real kind of live interest in that story. The issue is getting the best of that while avoiding those egregious excesses that we've seen over the last couple of years.

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