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It was a very small piece of research so I don't want to put too much emphasis on it, but I think I've already said the key issue of it, the key issue was this sense of people feeling that if they wanted to get on, they just needed to -- they had to swallow it, stay where they were, demonstrate that they could do journalism and that -- you got the feeling there was almost like a seasoning process, that they had to demonstrate that they were tough enough and that that would take a while.

And because in order to move on to a different kind of newspaper, you have to have a really good cuttings file, what you would then have to do -- one of the things I was particularly interested in was the degree to which people were writing what we call off diary stories, which is basically coming up with their own ideas because I felt that that was an area where -- I was looking for culture change, so I was looking to see whether ethnic minority journalists were able to try and change the culture in the newsroom by coming up with their own stories, and they often tried and I thought that that was very -- I was really encouraged by that because what I was interested in was how journalists coming in can have an influence on the newsrooms they come into. And I think that they do.

I think that as you bring more journalists from ethnic minority backgrounds into a newsroom, it does begin to change the way in which the newsroom operates, but in certain instances you can see that it hasn't had any effect and they all leave. So it will be quite interesting to look at the pattern of ethnic minority journalists going in and then out of newsrooms as they find they can't actually cope with what they're asked to do, and there are certainly some newsrooms which I think we're all aware of where it would be very hard to see the kind of constant stream of kind of anti-immigration and anti-asylum stories and actually stay working there.

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