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I've described it in the past as a sort of confidence trick by the industry. It's not a regulator, although the industry has been saying for 20 years that it is. And it's interesting to see now that it's, you know, Lord Hunt is accepting that it's not a regulator, and indeed Lord Wakeham did so a couple of weeks ago.

I think that I'd better describe what I mean by a confidence trick. If you say that you have a body that is enforcing standards and raising standards in your industry to the public, and you insist on it because, again, you have command of the megaphone, and at the same time this body is simply a complaints agency, a sort of outsourced complaints agency, then you are perpetrating a trick on your customers, and I think it's -- you know, I think it's a disgrace that it has been allowed to go on so long and that that trick has been sustained for so long.

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