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I'd like to add to that dealing with third-party complaints. At the moment, there is no facility, for example, for groups that feel themselves to have been traduced in some way to make a complaint.

The obvious example is travellers, the way they have been portrayed in some tabloid newspapers, asylum seekers. These are groups of people which have organisations which represent their interests, like Amnesty International, but at the moment there is no facility for representations to be made on behalf of groups of people to say, "These particular stories, the way in which this particular story has been laid out is either completely inaccurate or a gross distortion of the truth".

So some means of dealing with those kinds of third-party complaints -- and I can see the problem in terms of you can't complain about a story about another individual without their consent. I get that, I understand that. But I think where we're dealing with the nature of stories which are, as I say, traducing particular groups, I think has to be done.

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