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Okay. I'm not sure these positions are actually incompatible. Yes, there needs to be -- I'm not sure that there is that much difference between rooting these changes in law and rooting them in enforcement -- giving a beefed-up PCC or a new regulator the kind of enforcement facilities that the law would provide. It seems to me that if newsrooms -- if we go back to George's point, which I completely agree with, that the key to this is how do you change the newsroom cultures to a more ethical environment, that if you know that the publication of an inaccurate story, a blatantly mischievously inaccurate story is going to involve a complaint which there will then be questions asked about how you came to that story, without actually naming your sources, who did you go to, who did you check them with, and there is a sort of paper trail, all we're talking about is a newsroom which enforces precisely those kinds of codes and modus operandi that I think you were talking about, George.

So I don't think those positions are incompatible. What you do need is that regulatory framework which persuades the newsroom that that's how they have to behave, that they need that audit trail and they need to encourage the kinds of behaviour that won't result in those sorts of complaints.

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