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I think the problems of -- if we're imagining a broadly speaking -- or people want to imagine a stronger regulator, I think the problems of inclusion, ie who is covered by it and are they compelled to be included in the system, are rather bigger than people sometimes acknowledge.

I think if you then have to think about investigation and presumably stiffer sanctions, because that's often implied as well, you are very close to what Steve was suggesting just now, which is effectively extending the Ofcom regime to printed, perhaps, and online media.

I would on the whole be in favour of a mixed economy of legislation because I think that produces probably better public interest journalism with words in the end, but if you're going to get into a very elaborate regulatory system, you might as well extend Ofcom. I was forwarding an idea that is different, but as soon as you're into sanctions, investigation and so on, you're not very far from just drawing Ofcom across to extend across more people. More outlets, I should say.

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