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Thank you.

We've heard a lot about the public interest and it's obviously of fundamental importance to any debate about journalist ethics and for that reason I'd like to explore it with you in more detail. Could we have on the screen, please, the document which ends with reference number 48884. This is page 7 of the submission of Professor Barnett. If we could have magnified, please, the bullet points. This links in to what Ms Phillips was just talking about, the public interest defence. This is proposed, I think, in Professor Barnett's statement as a statutory definition, but putting aside for the moment whether any definition should be statutory or otherwise, and just looking at this formulation, I wanted to ask each of you whether you were content with this as a definition of public interest or whether you had anything to add or to detract from that definition? And perhaps, since it's you, Professor Barnett, who included it in your witness statement, it might be fairest if I ask you to set the ball rolling.

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