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That's an interesting one. I'm just trying to imagine this tick-boxing happening in a busy newsroom and whether it would actually work. I think that the principles behind it are admirable and I can imagine, quite easily imagine Alan coming up with it, but I can't quite see, when you know, for example, that there are journalists in some newspapers churning out 13 stories a day. Now, if you're churning out 13 stories a day and if anybody -- if you look on Journalisted, the person who has the most stories is listed every day, it's going to be quite difficult to stop and do a tick box for everything -- which in itself might be a good reason for doing it because it might slow everybody down a bit. But I think in most cases these sorts of stories are not run-of-the-mill stories; they're talking about people actually having done specific and individual investigation and where they are using information that they themselves have trawled. I just think one has to think about the practicalities of something that applies to every story.

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