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The evidence of Messrs Pike, Crone and Abramson, who are all lawyers.

Thus far, their statements have been redacted to cover possible legal professional privilege. I say "possible" since that is in issue at the moment. There's obviously a pressing need that their statements are disclosed to the core participants without privileged matters or possibly privileged matters being covered.

However, there are issues, particularly in relation to Mr Crone's evidence, less important with respect to Mr Abramson's evidence, regarding the scope of privilege, which I would be inviting you to resolve either tomorrow morning at 9.30, if we are ready to resolve them; in the alternative, Monday morning at 9.30. Plainly, I'll need to discuss the matter with Mr Rhodri Davies, who is directly affected by this debate, and we wouldn't wish the matter to come before you on other than a properly argued basis.

I don't expect it would take too long to argue the issue, but it's right that this important matter be properly ventilated.

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