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Yes, absolutely. We lay great stress on the teaching of ethics. We don't have modules labelled "ethics", or "this week we're going to do ethics". I hope that a concern with ethics informs everything we do.

I suppose the question that I would want to raise really is that if one stuck solely to the NCTJ syllabus, would one then be giving the students an adequate grounding in ethics? My own feeling is on the whole not. I haven't taught a great deal of the NCTJ modules, but I have taught one of the law modules for the NCTJ and it does seem to be a bit tick-boxy as Angela Phillips said this morning, you know, learn this law, learn that law, learn the other law. It doesn't really seem to me to address the ethical systems of which laws are after all the expression.

I've said before we regard our degrees, both postgrad and undergrad, as NCTJ plus, and I would argue that the ethical components of everything we teach are part of the plus.

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