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We've seen I think a good discussion around this in the area of broadcasting about looking at, say, a television service that's streamed on the Internet or an on-demand service. A very long debate at European level to try and set out principles, the result being really a two-tier system: a higher level of regulation for any live service, whether it be on a television set, on a computer, and then a less intensive but harmonised system of standards for on-demand services, recognising that the relationship between the viewer and the producer or editor is different because you make a choice -- it's probably closer to a newspaper model where you choose what you consume and so on.

There has been a lot of interest in relying on Internet intermediaries as an alternative for some of the forms of media regulation that we are familiar with in the broadcast area and to a lesser extent in print, relying on the web host or the ISP to play a role here. I'm not sure whether that's something you want to get into now or wait until later --

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