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No, but I think the point I'm making on that is where there are privileges associated with the press and where there is demand, and there can be demand for this from citizen journalists, from individuals and so on, to be entitled to privileges of the press, then you can say yes, there is a framework for you to have that entitlement, but you must demonstrate this or you must have some form of demonstrating your commitment, your responsibility, your compliance with the rule of law and so on.

I do think without saying, "Let's regulate the Internet and let's apply existing regulatory models in full", that you can create incentives for compliance, that you can try and encourage good behaviour, and we've seen that in many areas of online communication around copyright, although there are criticisms around that, around domain names, around search engines, so I don't think it's a task that is beyond this Inquiry. I think there are other issues happening around defamation and so on in other rooms which feed into it, but I think it's a road which you and your assessors should go down.

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