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I'd be a little more cautious, not least because the Internet is changing so fast, the amount that it will have changed between the start of your Inquiry and its end will itself be substantial.

I think the dimension that I would draw attention to is the dimension of the changing definition of what a journalist is and what journalism is that arises from the Internet because of the open-access nature of the technology.

One of the things certainly that as a journalism school we're thinking about is how do we play our part in educating people who are going to be journalists for, you know, perhaps one-tenth or one-fiftieth of their time rather than being full-time journalists working for a newspaper in London, and feeling our way into all of that, I don't think that you at any point think well, the ethical requirements or standards or debate is fundamentally different, but you do have to recognise that this is culturally a very, very different place to be operating.

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