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I mean, the example of Carlton's programme "The Connection" was brought up this morning, you know, because they'd falsified film, basically, and Carlton was fined £2 million, and quite rightly so, too. That could never have been done, I think, if Ofcom hadn't had the powers to investigate just exactly what was wrong with that programme.

Also I think this morning was mentioned two very fine pieces of work that were done by the Press Council in the 1980s, the looking at the coverage of the Strangeways riot and also looking at the coverage of the Peter Sutcliffe affair. That again was investigative work, it was a really good piece of journalism, it was a really fascinating thing. But of course the Press Council didn't actually have the powers to compel some of the people it wanted to interview, it didn't have the powers to compel them to be interviewed, and I think any new body, providing it was properly constituted in a democratic and accountable way, as Ian has suggested, would have to have powers. You can't have people saying, "I'm sorry, I'm just not going to tell you this".

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