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I was going to move away from this topic, so if there's anything else that you'd like to say about it, this is your chance. No? All right.

If I can ask Professor Hargreaves if I could turn to a couple of the studies or research projects that his department has undertaken, I'd be very grateful.

For the technician, could we have a look at the document which is numbered 48531. It's page 10 of your witness statement, Professor Hargreaves. I'm just going to find it.

You were asked, Professor Hargreaves, to set out a summary of any published research undertaken within the last decade which is relevant to the terms of reference for part 1 of the Inquiry and you set it out there. You say the school has carried out a range of research projects germane to the subject of journalistic practices and media ethics and you set out a number of them.

I'd just like to ask you about two of the different projects, please. The first is under heading 2 "The quality and independence of British journalism" on that page, and you tell us that Professors Bob Franklin, Justin Lewis and Dr Andrew Williams "carried out the first piece of research to look systematically at the role of PR in news production and the ability of journalists to maintain journalistic independence."

I don't know whether you have heard the evidence of Mr Chris Atkins to the Inquiry this week, but he was talking about the whole concept of churnalism, or the using of PR material in the writing of newspapers. I'd like you to tell me a little bit, please, about that study and what your colleagues were commissioned to do, in essence.

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