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I'm certainly a member of the Onora O'Neill fan club, and she gave a lecture a few days ago which developed her line of thinking, and it is a very powerful antidote to an oversimplistic freedom of the press argument. Where it takes you in terms of the practicalities of the kind of mission that the Inquiry has before it I think is to be unafraid of the big scary headlines here.

It's easy to try I to boss this debate by saying, "You can't possibly do anything like that because of freedom of the press and you can't possibly do anything like that for the opposite set of reasons", whereas actually there is a perfectly reasonable design on which actually most people probably can agree it simply requires, you know, the industry and the skill to do it and the political circumstances in which it can be taken up, and it's the latter that has been missing through all of my working life in journalism.

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