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I think the Inquiry will be going on good lines here. The European Court of Justice has had call to deal with this on a number of occasions, even around something very topical for this investigation, the status of the data protection directive, which talks about journalistic purposes, and it had to investigate in quite some detail the difference between the rights of the press and the rights of the individual to communicate and to speak freely, and I think that's really an important thing, that of course many of us probably have said free press today, but there's strong legal authority that that is something that does not belong to the press and that the focus should be on achieving abilities for individuals to communicate and to express, and that would be paramount. That will benefit the press, but the benefit to the press is not the only objective. That's something that probably hasn't had enough circulation in the public debate in the UK, but I would commend Professor Petley's work and hope that it does.

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