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I may immediately have to take up that offer. Fascinating though it would be to continue going through the various concepts introduced in your paper, Professor Petley, I think we only have time for one more, which I'll introduce in a moment, but then we'll have to satisfy ourselves with reading and re-reading your paper and those of your colleagues and if it may be that you can help us with matters such as the public interest, which I put to your colleagues this morning in writing.

Against that, I'll just introduce the last concept that I'd like to deal with this afternoon. You tell us about the concept of market censorship and where the market, in your opinion, is taking the press to is a situation where it distorts content rather than giving rise to freedom of expression in a broad sense.

Is that why there is perhaps an issue between getting a lot in the press of what the public is interested in, because that is what they pay for, and there being a temptation to let that override what is actually in the public interest?

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