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I think there's just one thing that Daithi really said. The answer to speech that we don't like is more speech that we do like. I'm a great believer in that. And that one of the ways to mend the markets, since I've talked about market censorship, is to, you know, ensure that maybe there are subsidies for smaller distribution publications to stop the kind of distribution stranglehold that people like WH Smiths now occupy. It's really, really important, I think, that we do everything that we can to encourage more speech rather than less speech, that's why I'm a very, very strong defender of what was discussed this morning at great length, namely the right of reply.

I think if there's one thing that could make an enormous difference to journalistic standards within the British press, and particularly the parts of the press which have caused this Inquiry to come about, it is a statutory right of reply.

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