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The only outstanding point I would have, and I think I touched on it when we were talking about education, is not just from teaching but from preparing for appearing before you is the complexity of the law that to those of us who teach and research it on a daily basis, as well as many of those in the room who practice it, it's extremely difficult. The differences between platforms, between different types of public interest defences and so on, has reached the stage where I would see a major contribution that could be made would be clarifying the differences between forms of regulation and the types of defences that operate in the interests of journalism and of freedom of expression.

They are difficult for the citizen to understand. They're even difficult for journalists and lawyers who are at the sharp edge of it to understand, and I hope that the Inquiry will be able to assist in not just describing the law, but also proposing ways that it can be easier to communicate to our students and to others.

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