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My Lord, I am David Glen, I appear on behalf of Guardian News and Media Limited. My Lord, I will be relatively brief. I adopt, at least in their generality, much of the submissions made by Mr Dingemans a moment ago.

Guardian News and Media Limited is the publishing company of the Guardian and the Observer newspapers, obviously very well known in this country. It's also the publisher of the website, a popular website operated by the UK newspaper, and the Guardian Weekly, the international edition of the newspaper.

My Lord, this application is, as Mr Dingemans was for Northern & Shell, made under Rule 5.2(b) regarding a significant interest in important matters. And in light of your Lordship's guidance on module 1 and the aspects that that is likely to entail, we would say that the Guardian's interest in those areas is central, in both senses of the word, for obvious and self-evident reasons.

I don't propose to go through those in great detail but simply as to the issues that arise, and also as to the narrative which, as your Lordship has said, he wishes to explore which underpin that.

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