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I mean, for example, with any story, if you met somebody with a story for the News of the World, the first thing that you did was you sit down and say, "Okay, you're telling me this story. What evidence have you got that what you're telling me is the truth?" Okay? So there would be things like text messages. You're telling me something, how can you then prove that that's true? Can you show me text messages that prove what you're saying is true? Can you show me credit card bills? You said you were somewhere, can you prove that for me? Are there other people who will back up your story? Will you sign an affidavit saying that what you're telling me is the truth?

There were so many levels that you went through to prove that a story's true, because you're the first gatekeeper, if you like, and then that story that you've managed to establish is true then goes to the news editor and then goes up to the editor.

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