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Can we look now, please, at the account you give at the top of page 2237. Here you've been sent on a Club 18 to 30 holiday and you say:

"It was another brilliant idea of the editor's. I remember that much ... undercover story of the sordid drugs and sex romps of shameless Brits abroad. In reality, I ended up standing in a bleach-stinking holiday in the early hours of the year 2000, realising that everyone was far too drunk to be doing any sex romps that day and announced to the teenage drunks in the bar that I would give £50 cash to anyone who was prepared to say they'd had a fivesome and be photographed in a family newspaper. A collection of spotty drunken virgins from Harrow happily signed on the line and posed smiling and with thumbs up for pictures."

Is that true?

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