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It's true that for the millennium new year's eve I was sent on a Club 18 to 30 holiday on my own. I think I was 28 at the time and it became fairly obvious a few hours into it that I'm getting fairly strange looks from the holiday makers of what a 28-year-old woman is doing on her own on a Club 18 to 30 holiday. So I just did a hands up, said, "Look, guys, I'm here from a national newspaper. We are looking for tales of Brits abroad having fun. Does anybody actually want to take part in it?" And yes, as I say -- I can't remember if they were really spotty drunken virgins from Harrow, take that as a dramatisation, but certainly some gentlemen came forward and told me their tales of derring-do from holiday and were photographed. And actually, the piece never ran because they got the first baby born in the millennium, so it never actually ran.

I don't have a massive problem with that. It could be that maybe the gentlemen did maybe exaggerate what they were doing, but they're telling me the story -- it hasn't actually read -- it was intended -- again, I intended this as a comical tale. It was more to do with the fact that I spent millennium new year's eve on my own on a Club 18 to 30 holiday, which I thought was a funny story.

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