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It wasn't like an episode of Mr Benn. It wasn't that bad. As I say, I've named about four or five occasions. The one example of the journalist in the hospital -- sorry, the person in the hospital dated back to 1990. Incidentally, he did actually sue for invasion of privacy and he lost his case. There's a jokey tale about somebody dressed in a cow costume standing in the middle of a field. I don't think anybody thought that was a real cow. You should take that whole thing as a joke, but certainly -- I've gone on to joke, saying I've warn a waitress outfit. I haven't. You need to take this as a bit of topspin. It is -- I'm aware that there have been -- as I've asked journalists for tales over the years, there have been tales of people using fancy dress, but not to the extent that, you know, you come in with a rack of fancy dress disguises. This is tales told over several decades.

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