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You then describe phone hacking for voicemails and you say, at the bottom of 254:

"Oddly, although not one single journalist in the UK will ever admit to getting stories by this method and everyone agrees it's a terrible, immoral thing to do, every journalist who has ever worked on any tabloid will know exactly how to do it and which codes you use. Incidentally, if you want to stop journalists hacking it, you simply set up a four-digit PIN number."

If I skip to the next paragraph:

"It wasn't just the royals who were targeted. One international megastar got so fed up with her phone being hacked into by journalists that she ended up leaving a voicemail which ended: 'And will you bloody journalists stop hacking into my fucking voice messages.' I heard it playing into the air one morning as I arrived at the office."

Could I ask you first of all: was it, as you say, common knowledge how to hack a phone?

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