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Bottom of 255, you say:

"Fleet Street has cleaned up its act a lot but I don't think it will ever totally let go of its bad ways. Hacks are pushed by deadlines, pushed to fill the paper, pressured as they face a relentless daily push to deliver, whilst all the time being challenged by younger, cheaper shifters coming up through the ranks who are desperate to steal their jobs. On newspapers you not only compete against the rest of Fleet Street, but bosses would frequently put a desperate young journalist and an older staffer on the same story and set them in competition against each other. Add to that the constant threat of redundancy as circulations fall and staffing levels decease each year so newspapers can survive. No excuse for the old dark arts, as we used to call them, but as it gets harder and harder to survive, it perhaps goes some way to explaining why these practices persist."

Does that reflection on the state of tabloid ethics and the pressures on tabloid journalists -- is that something that you stand by?

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