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Sir, yes.

There's one additional important point I should make about medical regulation because it assists in defining the terms of the discourse. Registered medical practitioners are self-regulated, notwithstanding that the general medical council was established under statute and its fitness to practice panels operate within the legislative scheme. Plus a self-regulated system can be statute-based even if the regulator is not government-run. As it happens, we can see the same sort of model in operation in relation to solicitors and barristers.

In all of these examples, it should be noted that the subject matter is the regulation of a body of professionals. Viewed in those terms, the immediate dissimilarities with press regulation are manifest, since professionals do not exercise article 10 rights.

At your seminars, there appeared to be little or no enthusiasm in those present for a government-run regulatory system, which would be a form of statutory regulation, still less for a system of state licensing of journalists.

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