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Let me have a go.

Can I go backing to what you've just said about the discussion you had with Mr Desmond. I accept entirely what you say about the likely reaction of Mr Dacre, but it is a concern or may be a concern that whereas the press will look at every organ of the country, whether it be Parliament, the government, local authorities, health service, the army, the judiciary, about which I have no complaint at all, and if they find something legitimately expose it, there doesn't seem to be as much of that in relation to the press, and therefore the perception, if not the reality -- and that's really what I'm asking you about -- is that whether or not there's a formal agreement, there is an understanding that one doesn't really have a go at other titles.

The fact is, as we know, that Mulcaire/Goodman was 2005/2006. Whittamore was 2002/2003 and these stories weren't picked up and run with as they might have been if they'd been involved in some other organ of the state. You may say that's not fair, or you may think it is fair. I welcome your experienced view on it.

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