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I think that there has been so much now written about phone hacking and the Guardian provided a very good service to the industry, and it's the worst example, because in spite of what you've said, I -- we, at the Telegraph, were astonished about the business of phone hacking at the News of the World. I was really surprised by it.

And the PCC -- well, they didn't handle that well because they weren't provided with the facts, and that's why there's going to have to be changes now, because most -- because phone hacking's the worst example. If you think of most complaints, 90-odd per cent of complaints are handled, I think, successfully by the PCC, but within that there has to be room for handling -- or there has to be a method of handling more serious complaints. It's not so much a PCC plus, but for the most serious complaints, there have to be powers of investigation.

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