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And I postulated to him the possibility of some arbitral system, which is, if you like, an arbitral arm of whatever comes after the PCC, but made the point to him that unless it had some sort of framework that required people to go through it, then the very wealthy would simply say, "I'm not prepared to go down that route, I'm simply going to institute enormously expensive litigation", and so make it very difficult for whoever to defend it.

So what I was asking him about, and what I'm very keen to hear your voice about -- if not now, then at some stage, because I'm very conscious that I'm only expressing ideas, and I'm keen to the get the view of the industry -- but there has to be a framework onto which you latch independent regulation, which is absolutely independent of government and also not necessarily run by editors but perhaps by some very senior retired journalists on it. I fear there probably would have to be a lawyer somewhere around there. I know that everybody's concerned about them, but other independent people who not only could continue the complaints work that the PCC have done, although perhaps expanding it to allow complaints from people over than those specifically affected -- there are bits and pieces that one could hook onto -- but additionally had a regulatory mechanism and an arbitral mechanism.

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