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They gave it a great deal of coverage, more than I would have thought was warranted. I'm sure they'll be able to explain to you why they covered it in the way they did.

I mean, I -- it certainly reached a point -- I'm not referring here directly or particularly to the Daily Express, but the coverage and the progress of the story itself reached a point where I felt it would be a good idea to send a very senior journalist out there to do what you might call a cold case review, and we sent David Rose, who is one of our top people, former Observer man, and told him to go out without any preconceptions and start afresh.

He filed a major investigation into the case, which focused in particular on the way the Portuguese police had handled it, and the fact that the Portuguese policeman in charge of the case had been involved in another case a couple of years previously involving a Portuguese woman whose daughter had gone missing, who had been under a great deal of pressure from the police to make a confession and ended up being jailed. This case was then subject to review, which cast a lot of doubt on the way the Portuguese police had handled the McCann case, and I think formed a signal part in the change of attitude generally towards the reporting of the McCanns' situation.

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